Aviry Hammond

Liaison Camp Verde High School Student Council

Alongside being a student advisor of PECPAF, I’m a member of the Student Council for Camp Verde High School, and a proud employee of The Fish’s Garden. By both volunteering and working for such businesses, I’ve gained skills in business, management, communications, and leadership. These I will use to continue my future towards success. What is in my future? It’s most likely space. I’ve always had quite an interest in all the wonders of the cosmos. Whether it be engineering rockets, working aboard the ISS, or calculating the expansion of the universe, I’m willing to dedicate my life to the future of science. As well as science, I want to dedicate myself to changing communities, no matter how big or small, by improving them in every way I can; hence my interest in serving with PECPAF. I want to be a leader. Someone who’s respectable and willing to compromise. Someone who’s diligent and decisive. And that’s what I’m going to be.